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Who are you listening to?

Marcellus Wiley works for Fox Sports and a couple weeks ago he tweeted (this will be a paraphrase) "Why do we listen

Who are you listening to?2020-08-03T09:40:39-05:00


`Jesus warned us against hypocrisy on more than one occassion. The meaning of hypocrite was taken from an actor who wore more


Cancel Culture

Many things ail this country: The mainstream media (the biggest issue in my opinion), politicians, Hollywood, love of money and one that

Cancel Culture2020-07-16T13:11:06-05:00

The Virus

Well, I am sure this won't be contrtoversial at all but let's talk about the virus. Let us remember the point of

The Virus2020-07-07T20:38:08-05:00

The Mask

If you have ever watched Seinfeld or Arrested Development, then you know the episodes almost always come full cirlce. I think it

The Mask2020-07-01T14:33:00-05:00

To Post or Not to Post?

Psalms 119:125-I am your servant; give me discernment that I may understand your statutes. This verse serves two purposes today. First, I

To Post or Not to Post?2020-06-29T13:41:30-05:00
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