If you have ever watched Seinfeld or Arrested Development, then you know the episodes almost always come full cirlce. I think it is interesting that America has done the same in some respects. This country was founded by a bunch of rebels that said “you can’t tax us without letting us voice our opinions.” Of course this is a generalization; not everyone wanted a new country but wanted to reform the laws but you get the point. This nation has always prided itself on rugged individualism. One of the things that seperates the United States from the eastern world is that individualism. Many, in fact most, parts of the world do not suscribe to this me over we mentality that oozes out of America. This has positives and negatives. No country in the world offers more opportunites for individuals and no country offers the ability to have an opinion and voice that like the US. This of course leads to many differing opinions which leads to other issues such as who governs and makes decisions when we disagree?

As I stated in my previous blog, I am prone to make rash decisions, but when I take time to think I tend to make better decisions. I know what I believe in most situations, but there is always another side. Some things are 100% black and white with me such as abortion. I refuse to see another side. Marriage is between a man and woman and there are only 2 genders; I refuse to budge on those. But for things like kneeling for the national anthem and taking down monuments, I need to hear other perspectives. Wearing a mask in public is one of those issues that I need to hear other perspectives.

Before I go any further, I have great friends on both sides of this and I plan to keep them as friends. I know much of the mask wearing crowd says there is only one side but please here me out and let us remember Psalms 125:119~I am your servant; give me discernment that I may understand your statutes. 


I believe ( I may be wrong) that almost all of the people that believe strongly in wearing masks have the right intentions. I believe they feel this helps lessen the spread on the virus. I also believe the anti-mask crowd have good but different intentions. I also believe both can be right. If you haven’t noticed most of the anti-mask crowd are the people that rely heavily on logic and reasons for their decisions; there isn’t much emotion based on their choices for this or anything. The people (in general) who favor masks tend to be more emotional people and not just with this decision. This is certainly not to say that masks people have no logic behind their decisions or nit-masks people have no emotion. This is simply to state how these people arrived at their decisions.

The deciding factor comes down to this for most people: who or what do you put your trust in. For many followers of Jesus Christ, they have no fear of this virus becasue they know God is in control. I am NOT saying we throw reason to the side, but simply stating what some say. Many people trust their local doctor or nurse or friend who works in health care world. Many people have no trust for the government at all so when they say we need masks they run the other direction. We have been lied to as a country not only by politicians but by certain medical people for years so the distrust is real and some people don’t know who to trust. The issue with anti-masks people is the infringement of the government in our lives ( I told you this would come full circle.) If you don’t believe that once the government takes away certain civil liberties that you never get them back then read on 9/11. The state has no legal right to shut down churches but they “strongly suggested it.” Masks aren’t even that effective is the argument from one side and other counters with but better than nothing. The mask is for protecting you from spreading is the argument then I will stay 6 feet away and not talk to people is the counter argument. I have heard all of this. 

Now, let us take a biblical look at this. If you look at 2 Amos 12 you will see where God addresses masks in a pandemic. Just kidding. Obviously, there is no 2 Amos and God doesn’t specifically address this so lets go back to Psalms 119;125~Give us discernment God! People say this is a simple “love your neighbor” issue and it may be. We don’t wear masks for us but for thsoe around us. Others say that if we give in to the mob, we won’t have a country left much longer and that may be. 

Remember this blog is to look from a biblical worldview and cause us to think. Now, here is my take. I was strongly anti-mask (My TV hero is Ron Swanson so I’m anti anything government) at the beginning. I was even vocal. Since then some things have changed. I have talked to 3 MD’s that I trust with my life. Notice I didn’t say I read on FB from a person. All 3 MD’s told me basically the same thing; anyone that says that they know what to expect is lying and for now masks probably are good. I also talk with one of my best friends 2-3 times a week about the virus and he is a health care professional. He and I agree on most things and we did and now do on masks. He didn’t badger or belittle me but told me his opinion and he won me over. So, I bought a mask last week. Lori says I look like and 1850’s outlaw but its a mask. What is the point? If you cannot see the other side’s perspective then don’t expect them to see yours and that goes for mask people and anti-mask people. Also consider this, you could be wrong. Yes, both sides have potential for being wrong. The mask crowd has more room for error here I will admit becasue if they are wrong then inconvience has been all that most have lost. And one last thing, I am only talking masks; I am not talking shutting the world down which I am 100% against. But for now, when in public I will wear a mask. Quit shaming on FB though because you are the reason many people won’t even consider it. I took the advice of 4 people I know and trust who happen to have “expert” opinions. I did not listen to anyone of FB or Twitter.   JD