`Jesus warned us against hypocrisy on more than one occassion. The meaning of hypocrite was taken from an actor who wore more than one face. Then, actors would play more than one role and would do so without clothing changes. The actors would change masks to play a different character. This is where the word draws its meaning of us being “two-faced.” To be a hypocrite then means to wear two faces. This means we claim to be one thing (a follower of Jesus) but actually live another life. We must guard against this as believers. We have to be consistent in our walk with Jesus but this is very hard to do. Jesus warned us against people holding others to standards they don’t live up to themselves. Jesus also warned that the measure we judge others will be the same standard we are judged by. 

What exactly does this mean for us in our everyday lives? This means in everything we do we must be careful to make sure we aren’t judging others for the same thing. We must be consistent in our walk. Let’s look at a few examples to help make sense.

Last week the head of Goya Foods praised President Trump. A couple months ago the head of My Pillow did the same thing. Both times people who don’t like the president said they would boycott Goya and My Pillow. Of course, people who like the president went to stores or on line and bought both. Trump supporters got mad (not all) for the protests. But, people on the other side have been upset with all of the companies that have come out in support of LGBTQ and BLM movements. Now, if someone is consistent then there is no problem with this. If a person boycotts or protests but has no problem with others doing so then that is not hypocritical. Are you consistent here?

Let’s look at masks since that is in the news. If you wear a mask and do so voluntarily then that is perfectly fine. If you insist on others wearing a mask that brings up a different situation. If you insist someone wear a mask but say you are pro-chocie then we have a problem. The mantra for abortion is “my body; my choice” but that same courtesy is not extended to masks. The argument then is “You are affecting more than your body.” I agree, but so does abortion. Abortion affects the aborted child the most. Hypocritical stance. 

Now let’s narrow this down for all of us. If we claim to know God but our actions deny him (Titus 1:16) then we are being hypocritical. Before you start judging me, yes I am guilty if this at times myself. When I coached (hopefully I am done) little league I was guilty of my actions denying I was a follower of Jesus. Have you done that as a coach or fan? Jesus said in Luke 6:46, “Why do you call me Lord and not do what I say?” Any time we don’t do what Jesus said, then we are being hypocrites if claim to know Him. 

Do you wear two faces? Do you act one way on social media and another in private? Do you claim to be charitable and thoughtful in public yet hoard all that God gives you? Do you see others faults easily but don’t see your own sin? Do you claim to be faithful to your wife yet flirt with other women or watch things on line you shouldn’t? 

Remember this blog going forward. We must guard against this in our lives.