Well, I am sure this won’t be contrtoversial at all but let’s talk about the virus. Let us remember the point of this blog is Psalms 119:125 that we may have discernment and learn God’s commands. The first two blogs have stressed to try to see all points of view but to mainly see the biblical point of view. With that in mind, let us embark upon on this ride.

As a Christian, everything I do is spiritual. We cannot seperate the spiritual from the physical, therefore, the people I glean information from, take advice from, lean on and listen to the most are Christians. Why? The reason is I want a biblical point of view with everything I do. I have a Christian general practicioner, Christian orthopedic doctor, Christian counselor (she is a dear friend who doesn’t charge me for advice) Christian optometrist, Christian dentist, Christian investor and even a Christian skin care doctor. Why is this important? I will use two as examples. When I take money and investing with my advisor, I want him to know I will give to church and for him to understand a biblical view of money. The same is true with my GP. I have explained a lot of things to him (also my free counselor friend) such as when I went through anxiety and depression and I wanted him to not only have a medical (psychological from couseling friend) opinion but also a spiritual one. This is important because as believers we must have a biblical perpsective on the virus. In other words, are you trusting cable news, CDC, WHO, Al.Com (Heaven forbid), the New York Times or do you have godly counsel. This means Christian HCP’s and Christain leaders. 

I told you last week I talk to one Nurse Practicioner and three MD’s semi-regularly about this. I trust them and they are all cautiously optimistic. I challenge you to read (link below) Fauci’s boss, Francis Collins, interview on this as well. Almost all of thr HCP’s around here are consistent with the mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing. The divide begins on public activity. Should we be in public, schools, restaurants or the mall? Should we play sports or go to church? There are some medical people who say we need to ride this out and others that say the virus is here so we have to keep living. 

I have heard many people say “its too soon” for us to open up. My issue with this statement is this: I haven’t heard one family say this whose job is affected. I have heard several government officials, teachers, stay at home mom’s say this but not people who have to have the income. In a perfect world, everyone would stay at home and get paid for 6 months and let this ride out but that is not an option. So, ask yourself this, what would you say if your children’s meals depended on you working? 

How many deaths are enough is a crazy question being asked. No sane person wants any but that is not reality. What we have to do is ask how much has this affected us in other ways. And, how much are you thinking about your neighbor? Estimates say over 25,000 companies will go bankrupt due the shutdown. I know, I know, its just money. Is it? What will we do when this people are on government assistance? Experts say (even though its too soon) that suicide rates will increase due to economic depression. Spousal abuse rates are up since the virus and more severe child abuse cases are being seen. Why? This happens when people are together more often that don’t need to be. Children are not being fed properly in many cases also. 

Now, let’s look at the numbers. Yes, more positive tests are happening but let’s not pretend all of these are the same. I have it on good authority the tests are not always accurate and many of these people are asymptomatic. This is not to down play the virus. Some experts say some patitents will have permanent lung scaring although its too early to tell. The key numbers are hospitalizations and deaths and both are declining. 

So, what do we do? Keep one thing in mind, Lori and I were both paid during this so we could easily ride this out. Lori is perfectly fine with never leaving her pool and flowers; social distancing is easy for her. That said, I think the wise thing is to move forward with our lives but be wise about it. Do stuff outside if you can and avoid as many people as possible for now. 


Let us come full circle. Why is a Christain view of this important? 2 Timothy 1:7 says we d ont have a spirit of fear but one of power, love, and self control. We must be wise with our habits but never live in fear becasue God is in full control.