Marcellus Wiley works for Fox Sports and a couple weeks ago he tweeted (this will be a paraphrase) “Why do we listen to the blue check marks as if they are experts on subjects they have no understanding of?” A blue check mark is simply a verified account on twitter. For instance, famous people and athletes have verified accounts so no one will be able to have a fake account and fool people. Wiley said what many of us have been saying for a while. I am going to use a hot button issue only to illustrate a point, so please do not lose focus on me. This goes for all issues.

Why in the world are we listening to LeBron James and DeWayne Wade on civil rights? Neither is even 40 uears old, so their life lessons are limited. Both have been pampered the last 20 plus years of their lives; both live in neighborhoods with gates. Neither has had any formal learning on the subject and neither has led by example. This was Wiley’s point by the way.

I understand the black community (as well as other minorities) have faced and still face different obstacles than white men. But, let’s look at a few things. Was this country founded with women or minorities in mind? Absoutely not. It was founded with white men with power and money in mind. Poor white people didn’t even get to vote. This country is still less than 250 years old though. That is very young by nation standards. This country is much better on race relations than it was in the 1960’s and certainly better than the 1860’s. Is this country perfect or where it needs to be? No. But also keep in mind it never will be because we live in a sin cursed world. 

Here is the problem I have with people listening to superstars like LeBron and Colin Kaepernick (I know I use the superstar term loosely with Kap.); why are they any more informed or educated on the subject than the avergae Joe off the street? The answer is they are not. I know, I know, they are using their platform. I agree that they should but, they are using it to divide. Can anyone actually say race relations is any better in 2020 than it was in 2018? 

If we still have progess to be made and people like LeBron and Kap are not the answer then what is? How about we listen to people who have “put their money where their mouth is” or who have worked in this area? If we are going to be led by athletes why don’t we ask Larry Fitzgerald, Russell Wilson, Mike Conley, or heaven forbid someone like Jonathan Issac. I have no idea where these guys stand politically, but I would listen to their opinion becasue they don’t talk too much and they are not divisive. 

Why do we listen to entertainers in the first place on anything other than their craft? I know when I think of expert I never think of Alyssa Milano on anything. I know Nick Saban doesn’t call me for advice becasue I’m not a college coach. Why don’t we listen to people like Thomas Sowell in race relations who have spent years writing and researching? This brings me to my point of this blog (remember I only used the hot topic to get your attention); who are you listening to on all subjects? Are you listening to the wrong people at work? Do you hang around the “never satisfied” crowd who always complains about the boss? Who do you listen to in regards to politics or news? I always tell people don’t watch or listen to any mainstream (This includes Fox). They are all wanting viewers which means money. Dig and research for yourself. Who are you listening to for spiritual advice? Do you have  2-3 older wiser people you can lean on?

When I have a spiritual or pastoral question I do not call a 25 year old pastor who has been pastoring for 2 years. I call people who have been doing this 20 years or more and men who walk with Jesus daily. Why? I do this because they have stood the test and they are giving words from God and not man’s wisdom. When you have a marital question, do not go to someone who has been married 5 years. Go to someone who knows the ups and downs of a lifetime of marriage. 

Here is the main point; who are you listening to the most? The answer should always be Jesus. Jesus should guide your politics, sports behaviors, work interactions, race relations, marriage, child raising and anything else you can think of. Quit listening to the world so much and let Jesus guide all your interactions.