Many things ail this country: The mainstream media (the biggest issue in my opinion), politicians, Hollywood, love of money and one that flies underneath the radar–social media. I have a love/hate relationship with social media and namely Twitter. I love the fast information I can get. I have all of my lists arranged so when I want to read about baseball i go to my baseball list and the same for weather and even food. At the same time, I hate what social media (especially twitter) has done to society. 

First of all, social media has taken away a lot of social skills. People don’t know how to disagree, express thoughts or even display common courtesy anymore. We hide behind our screens and this also makes us tough guys. We threaten people becasue we know we will never see them face to face. People even break up via text now due to lack of social skills. 

The one thing that is most irritating about socail media is the mob mentality. Big Corporations have fallen for the trick that twitter is the voice of the country. Only 22% of Americans are on Twitter and then only 10% of those make up 80% of the tweets. Let’s make this easier. There are 328.2 million people (roughly) in America. This means 72 million people have a twitter account but 256 Million do not. Of the 72 million, only 7 million make up 80% of the traffic. Now, do you change huge policy at your work for 10% of the complainers?

This is what is happening in America in regards to race, entertainment, newspapers, podcasts, sports and all walks. Any time the mob on twitter disagrees with something, they want it removed or canceled. My Pillow and Goya both have CEO’s who support Donald Trump so immediately the mob tried to cancel them and both times it backfired. We must not forget that both sides are guilty of this. Nike knew exactly what it was doing by endorsing Colin Kaepernick. Even though many conservatives bailed on Nike, the other side went directly to Nike to order more. 

There is a difference in trying to get something canceled and simply not buying the product. I don’t buy some products (Nike) because I like another better (Adidas) but Adidas is just as liberal as Nike. I don’t listen or watch CNN because I don’t read or listen to non-fiction but I think they have a right to be on the air. I used to be an avid NBA fan but if they don’t slow down on the politics I may not watch. That doesn’t mean I want them banned. 

Here is my proposal: We stick to our convictions and do what God leads us to do. All people are not at the same level of spiritual maturity as others and when we try to force our beliefs on others we ofetn times push them in the direction we don’t want them going. I eat Chick Fil-A for two reasons: Chicken sandwhich and peach milkshakes. I am highly disappointed in a couple of Dan Cathy’s recent decisions but I don’t want him shutting down. I do believe we should voice our concerns to companies and individuals though. I used to be a boycotter but I don’t want to be like the “Cancel Culture Mob” so now I voice my opinion and move on. And if I feel strongly enough over a situation then I will take my attention and money elsewhere. Afterall, money is the only thing companies understand.