I got a chance to go see the youth, and college age, led by Pastor Joe David and our youth directors Frankie and Sylaina Hinkle working at the ranch Saturday. There were other groups there helping as well, along with many of our adults. Even Bro Jack came out to mow the grass. You walk in and it is bustling with workers, and it smells of fresh paint. There are groups putting in fixtures, groups painting, groups putting up crown molding and groups doing yard work. I am sure there were others doing things I didn’t even know about, but I walk around and talk to them and everyone seems very happy to be there revitalizing that home in the ranch. They were doing an excellent job and I was happy that I got to come and see what all they were doing so I could share it will you. Thank you lord for those who have gotten the opportunity to work on the ranch and thank you for those who will be running it. It will be nice to see it being used again. The Ranch still has a long way to go, but here are the pictures from the work day, and a video.