Danville Baptist, 


We are always humbled and honored for people to partner with us as we minister to the people in Guatemala.  The spiritual and physical bondage in the lives of the people are extremely strong, but we are believing God will break these strongholds in their lives.  Although your church is a monthly supporter for our ministry, they have been extremely vital in making it possible for us to minister to the people affected by the volcano.  We have donations designated specifically, but your faithful support allows us to minister beyond the designated amount.   We wanted to give you a quick update on some ways we have ministered specifically to the families and our future plans for helping.  


The devastation of the volcano has opened doors for us to minister to people, along with showing the kids in our program how to minister also. When the volcano erupted we knew there would be an abundance of help during the first few weeks, but people would soon return back to normalcy and the help would decrease.  We felt God was telling us to wait until the help began to fade and to minister over the next several months.  We have prayed for wisdom in knowing how and when to help the people.  We have already provided food to 100 families and a hot meal to 550 people  We will provide food for another 600 families who live in the more remote areas within the next week.  We have also provided breakfast for 20 days to about 7 displaced families who lost everything as a result of the volcano.  We are scheduled to serve a hot meal to El Rodeo once a month because they are without water for at least another six months. 


I will send an email next week with more information about the items provided to each family along with some pictures.  We want to continue to be sensitive to the spiritual and physical needs and use the money wisely to meet those needs.  


We are able to do the physical work in ministry, but it would not be possible without you.  Your financial gift is a significant part in ministering to each person.  Thank you for allowing God to use your church!


Soy and Deidra Taylor